Broadcast Captioning
Captioning services for trade shows, conferences, training
Captioning services for educational institutions, classrooms, universities

Providing for people with hearing loss

Alternative Communication Services
Alternative Communication Services (ACS) service providers are without question the best available in the industry. Not only is the product produced impeccable, but the providers themselves are unequaled. The services provided by ACS do not have boundaries and can be used in English-speaking countries throughout the world.

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  • CART

    CART and Remote CART provide a full screen of text displayed to be read by consumers with hearing loss.

  • Captioning

    Closed or open captions merged with a visual for conventions, webinars and broadcast television.

  • Sign Language & VRI

    American Sign Language and Video Remote Interpreting for classrooms and conventions..

  • Text Interpreting

    Meaning-for-meaning text service also known as TypeWell or C-Print.


PostCAP, LLC provides the highest quality post-production captioning services possible.

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  • Online Media & DVDs

    Post-production captioning is available for online content such as YouTube videos, Quicktime and Windows Media; and for inserting into existing content on DVDs.

  • Foreign Language Translation

    Translation is the process of translating English text into a foreign language or converting a foreign language to English text. Our native language interpreters and translators will convert English text into any of the following core languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian.

  • Transcription

    For Transcription, our transcribers listen to the audio or video file and create a text transcript at a 98.5% accuracy rate or better. Standard turnaround time for transcription is 48-hours’ notice. Transcripts are delivered electronically in a Word format.

EduCAPTION is a leader in providing Broadcast Captioning Services and CART Services [Communication Access Realtime Translation] for the benefit of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

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  • Broadcast Captioning

    Founded in 1987, we have been providing quality closed-captioning of television news since its launch in 1988.

  • CART Services

    Communication Access Realtime Translation is one of our premier services. We provide instantaneous text over the Internet to students in classrooms, employees in corporate meetings, and for attendees at workshops and conventions.

  • Text Interpreting

    Meaning-for-meaning text service also know as TypeWell or C-Print. Ideal for the education setting.

Closed Caption Productions
Closed Caption Productions has been providing closed captioning and CART services locally and nationally for more than 20 years.

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  • Realtime Captioning

    Realtime captioning solutions for national and local broadcasters, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations since 1988.

  • Offline Captioning

    Closed Caption Productions provides post-production captioning for all types of pre-recorded programming, including documentaries, infomercials, corporate communications, educational videos and more.

  • CART Services

    Also performed by highly-skilled realtime court reporters or captioners, the text is custom formatted to fit the user and can be displayed on a laptop, projector or over the Internet.

Home Team Captions
With local captioners located in DC, Virginia and Maryland, and working closely with captioners around the country, we are the team to turn to for all of your onsite and remote realtime needs. All of our professional realtime providers are nationally certified and come to you with years of realtime experience.

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  • Stadium Captioning

    Since 2006, Home Team Captions has provided onsite stadium captioning to two teams in the DC area.

  • CART

    Onsite or Remote Cart can be provided for meetings, conferences, training sessions, civic events, special events and in the classroom.

  • Sports Training for Captioners

    Since 2001, Steve Clark has provided one-on-one training to more than 30 working captioners who are ready to take that next step into the broadcast sports arena.

Whatever you need, our family exists to serve you